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Dorinda Hafner is a breath of fresh air.  Be in her company for more than a minute and you wonder what your life was like before you met her!  She is a teacher, a motivator, a free-spirit.  She moves into a room full of people for the sole purpose of reminding them that life is for living - this is what she was put on this earth to do.  At the very least - have fun - enjoy these pages and utilise her strengths and passion to harness your own and remind yourself every day is a good day - it's all a choice.

Dorinda is Australian and all that means is that she chose the country to bring up her kids and thus started to educate people in issues of acceptance and tolerance back in the days where there was little.  She started Africa in Schools, a very successful program to bring cultural understanding to the future adults who would go on to be influential in the Australian fabric of life.  She brought us all things "African" including the African Dance Troupe and a greater understanding of the fact that Africa is a continent, not a country.  To this day, she is still educating, but on a much larger scale.

Dorinda burst onto our TV screens all over the world with her very successful Documentary series "A Taste of Africa" and it's subsequent international best-selling book by the same name.  To this day it remains (in it's many revised forms) the most interesting and sought-after book of it's kind in the world.  She has 5 "A Taste of" series spanning the UK, US, the Caribbean and beyond and her shows are seen in over 48 countries.  Her books have been translated into 5 languages and most recently Dorinda is virtual and is broadcasting her amazing talents and skills as not just a food anthropologist and author but a public speaker, a designer, an artist, a storyteller not just for kids but for all ages who love to see and hear the soul of a true free spirit.

Music springs from her as she moves, talks and communicates, but she has also released her own music on CD.  Now, with the advent of the digital revolution and the speedy change to the internet for our communication, you can purchase her books, music and DVD stories right here online.
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Dorinda - Dorinda Hafner & The All Day Suckers
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Dorinda - Dorinda Hafner & The All Day Suckers
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Dorinda's Favorite African Recipes - Dorinda Hafner
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